From Dreams: The Moon

Oh! to reach the moon
My harsh mistress
You are what I dream of
To lay in your orbit
To see you as so few have seen before
In a locked embrace
An intimate escape
Well, I’m spinning
Just to keep up gravity
So I don’t float away
Well, let’s conserve this momentum
Until the break of day

From Dreams: The Moon

From Dreams: Reminiscing to Forget

I dreamt of you again last night
You and your dad
And for some reason in black
We were taking a picture
And you stood in front of me
But he didn’t like it too much

Yet your eyes
More real than real
The connection I could feel
In this fabrication

(Now for a chorus)
Hook me up
To the machine
Let me see
Let me live
In this tale
So I can
Finally feel!

Now I’m at work reminiscing
This nocturnal fantasy
Making a hot fuss of it all in thought
Wiping the tears so they aren’t seen
So they won’t truly know me
Or notice me
Hoping to finally forget you

From Dreams: Reminiscing to Forget