She thinks you’re everything she wants in a man
But she doesn’t yet realize that she’s still a girl
And that you, well you’re still but a boy
In the shoes of a man that just quite can’t
Decide to be where he is or has been or will be
His future decided by the ill will of his own
In a way that he thinks is “the way”
Or at least persists to those that aren’t him
So that from the outside, he seems clean
Of the perversions he’s seen and caused and been
And she’s stuck with her tears and feelings for him
Though he’s claimed by her ‘best friend’
And has been for many a year
What she actually considers a best friend
Is he, the very same who aims to be clean
But isn’t and hasn’t as proven from years past
Yet the other trifles on as though she’s in love
With a boy she met in years past
That has turned and burned himself to now
What he just always may be remembered by
And for the other, the one, the girl
I wish to stay for her to see how she’s led astray
By her own childish array of rights and wrongs
To maybe one day see the way
Or something close she should follow and lead
Again, I could fuck you better than any of them
And their potential miscreant hoodlum fucks
But all you want is the excitement
Of fucking behind someone’s back
Of the heart, you’re a shitty assassin



You’ve found your arms tied behind your back
In a way that you’ve always fantasized
Yet here you are in it questioning
If this is really what you envisioned
These thoughts wash away as his teeth find their way
To the veins running up your neck
The blood in flow bursting to show
In the form of an abuse to bestow
His dominance that’s frustrating you
In every way you want it to

So you bite your lip and break eye conact
Turn your head away in a way to tease
Betraying your inner contention outwardly
But at the last moment you lift your eyes
Just enough to confirm your consent
For what in the rest of this night lies

The curve of your hips and lips
Are all that can be made out in this light
Though he’s not using his eyes to find
All the places you never knew that you
Always wanted to be touched, kissed, loved
Left only to close your eyes and take it in with a shudder

His hand has found its way to cradle your face
Gently holding you to keep his gaze
Slowly drawing you in so near
Firmly pulling you by the ear
Until slowly your lips meet
A scene so intimate you don’t believe it
You’re floating in this you’re gloating
To this scene you’ve submitted
Yourself to the throes of that which will
Hold in his hands all the control
Over the night this domination

Though you didn’t know it he was slowly leading you
Through that threshold only ever read, seen or dreamed
Still locked at the lips and making your way
You hear the door from behind clasp its latch
Gravity itself spins on its side
Leaving you looking up into the eyes that brought you
To this very moment in time in space, his face
Lost in it you’re reeling in this carnal weakness

You’ve found your hands above your head bound
By the strength of this beast reveling in his feast
And yourself transformed as some lycanthrope
Letting yourself loose to be finally free
Into his eyes you drink this in with a wry grin
He matches your smile and gaze through the musty haze
As though he knows exactly just what’s in your head
As if he could predict where your purpose lies

In a moment like blinding lightning
You throw all your effort up with a twist
To turn the power tipping the scales in your favor
Now it’s you looking down from the mount
You’ve got his hands shackled overhead
For a moment his body lurches in resistance
Your hair in streams flowing to his chest
You move in slowly to ravage and reep
Relishing in the rewards of ensnaring your prey
Now stuck to obey the will of your way

With this he releases a growl of a chuckle
Snarling your way as his body quakes
From under the pain of your fangs
Your newly found libidinous being
Fully formed in fruition under the full moon
Releasing this bestial lecherous ardor
In waves upon the sands of your newly found pawn
You’re wielding the strings pulling him to your heart’s content

Until you’ve pulled just a little too hard
At that which was the control bar in your hands
Now has crumbled to splinters though you wouldn’t know it
Yeah, you didn’t know it until you found yourself back underneath
Somewhere between animalistic rage and euphoric ecstasy
The wave has come in phase and full tide to crash over
With this, his palm has found its way back to your face
You’ve latched on, hand on wrist, bracing for this high tide
Somehow you’ve found his forearm between your teeth
Biting to pass this pleasure to pain, biding your time

It’s flowing over you into this disembodied state
To a place you never quite thought you’d be

What is this, a man that’s lying next you?
He is the man that brought you through
The threshold into womanhood


Recursion, see Recursion

I’m stuck in this loop
It’s infinitely strange
Recursive in nature
Though it’s not to help
As far as I can tell
It’s here to frustrate
My heart’s contention
In a form of hypertension
Ever it beats to this deceit
And seemingly for the same old story

Another girl needs saving
From her self or her upbringing
Caught in her web she’s spinning
I’m sucking from the bottle her venom
Drinking up all that’s within it
Binding my body and mind in fetters
Pulled by the string the leash
She has but wrapped about her digit

This spiral is winding down
Around the event horizon
Like the tepid water of a toilet bowl
Casting shadows on all that’s alight
Is there an end in sight
To this steady stream of shit
Forcing its way through my veins
Until it’s all I’ve got left
I guess it’s like they say:
To understand it, you must understand it

Yet again I’m lusting for it
The convenience of another fuck
She’s a party girl, she should like me
So just make the most of this
Misused mutual manipulation
Barely walking away bruised to the day
Making your way with a shaken knee
So it will as it ever can be

Now you’re back
Though in this new guise
A new name a new face
The same guile in this smile
You’re but a geist
Of love lost’s past
Here to take heist
Of any joy I’ve amassed

Recursion, see Recursion


With the netted black holes
Painted round your eyes
Dyed to the night sky
I’m in love, why oh why

Before you lose this hint of salvation
Go back to the Gulf sea
Where you started your education
Or you’ll really find the wolf in me

But just that, you already have
In the night after far too much to drink
What you took wasn’t yours to give
But you did with a smile and a wink

What have you done with it
You’re screaming “kalima” where is my heart
Chewed it up lubed with spit
Next up: you’ll spoil my art

But I’ll draw from this
Like the drops of blood
You drew from my lips with a kiss
To pour forth in this flood

Let this river run crimson
Driven by this reason I’ve risen
Against the prison in this mission
What is this liquid wisdom
Oh I’ve got a vision

Of me bleeding these words from my veins
Feeding off the energy of your chains
Pleading to someway retake the reins
Needing to one day find what remains

What’s this you’ve become, some demon
But I’ll rid myself of you
Suck from the wound your venom
So I can in time find someone new

What was it, the last thing you said
“Fucking stupid fuck angry little shit”
Guess I got in deep and you couldn’t handle it
You sassy bitch, don’t make me laugh!


The Compliment

The compliment you gave me tonight
I had to act as though I didn’t already know it
Because I communicate better through touch
Than I ever could with these words
I could trace every line of your body
I could learn it all like the back of my hand
And still not have had enough of you
But what’s there to do but laugh it off


Back to the compliment
There was a response
Sitting at the edge of my tongue
If that’s what I can do with touch
You just let your imagination run wild
Just know that I know your body
Better than you imagine you could
Now I’ll just laugh my self to bed


With my head upon my pillow
I’ll dream of you up against the wall
Your arms held taut above your head
Don’t you dare think for a moment
That I didn’t feel your body tremble
From under the touch of my hand
Oh, you shuddered and not in fear my dear
And as you bite your lip, I laugh at this quip


We’ll have the jolly best time of this night
In a way to sway Buddy Holly’s innocence
Your heart’s “Goin’ faster than a rollercoaster”
And when it’s ___ and ready, Oh lady, I shall play
To think that I once said, in jest
That you could use me anytime you like
To sneak into my room for a bit of warmth
And you just laughed it off under your breath


Your unwarranted apology
For being “in one of those moods”
Oh but you were aggressive
In every way you should’ve
Shown me yours, don’t worry, I’d show you how
Oh, I’m seeping my way in
To sweep away the cobwebs from your brain
Left to laugh away the day


The Compliment