Sappho — Catullus — Zachor

Here, the one who is god-like
exceeding great cosmic power
because they command your attention
although not through force
Your laughter — only it can wrench
my heart from depression darkest
For when my gaze meets yours, my voice has
forgotten its place
Tongue swallowed whole, and within
lava bubbles to the pores of my skin,
thunder of the gods cannot be heard, the veil
has concealed my eyes
Tepid sweat envelops, my person rattled
throughout, as bereft as the dead
as I am and inert — as the dirt
covering this Earth
Torpor, Zachor, is your enemy true: torpor
pushes you to the worst of your extremes:
torpor, through the ages, has felled those once of bravado
and celerity
That this Lillith has lilt your heart from within
burning, but not just at both, yet from all ends
her hands pull at the ashen wicks – threads – strings
to this heart’s content
Sappho — Catullus — Zachor

The Solstice’s Gentle Whisper

And when you leave
you’ll have been another mistake
that I made through inaction
through these years
blowing in the breeze
as a dried dead husk
What I will miss the most
as with so many others
is the idea of you
the pillow intimacy
and soft words unsaid
only ever imagined

I need the heat of summer
I need to feel her breeze in my beard
that wisp that taps my shoulder
haunting me through my waking dreams
arousing me to this fever pitch

That gesture you made
as you walked away
like on a hot dry day
being bathed in the sea
an incongruous ebb
amongst the never ceasing flow
Or like the breeze
with the scent of summer flowers
against the torrential showers
whisking about with ease
this last bastion of hope
from the unthreading rope

I need the summer comfort
I need to feel her caress; her breeze
that hand on the back like a salve
unknowingly pushing me onward
despite all this resistance

And when this grows
ever too cold to bear
after summer has left her snare behind
to turn this sanguineous
stream frozen still
with only hapless hope
Will she return
to this land once more
bringing with her
the time when again
hills are verdantly beaming
bright against the sky

The Solstice’s Gentle Whisper

It Takes Two, A Song

Let the piano play its riffed hook
Then bring in the Bass to thump the backend
And let this be for a measure or two
Before the guitar wails its intro trying to mend
Us of the blues that afflicts and to our core has shook
Our spines that have bent and left to rend
From our hearts everything from even the smallest nook
Overextending this apprehension for a lady friend

(Verse Lyrics)
All these girls I sing about
You’d like to think I’ve had them
Just the way I wish I had
Because you wish you did
You use my words to
Keep you from you
And your own past regrets
Whisk them away, I say let’s
Write a new song
A better one
Where I’ve had what’s mine
With a sip of chilled wine
And you don’t need me
Or my words to get you by

Let the band fall and rise
To arpeggiate its way into your soul
In a way to ready you for what’s to come
The only part you’ll remember

(Chorus Lyrics)
If I could sing
Then I’d sing it to you
If I could speak
I’d SCREAM it out loud

If only I could
Oh well, what would it matter

It takes two to, you know
It takes two to do what we do

We’ll give you eight bars to relate
The former and latter of what you’ve heard
Just to manufacture this state
Of fluttering among the wind as a bird
Around the theme we circumnavigate
To give the hope of an ending preferred
To gain the mate we’ll revert and negate
What’s left unheard word for word

(Verse Lyrics)
I see you sittin’ there
And you’re all alone
Reveling in it with a smile
I’m left but to bemoan
It’s in your eyes like mine
That’s there’s more in this, to be sown
If the words would just leave
But they’ll stay to remain my own

(Pre-Chorus, Chorus)
So we return to the familiar
To deliver a somewhat linear
Bigger figure to leave you with a shiver
Yet filter what’s in the mirror
With a whisper to embitter the winter
And a trigger to the inferior

Then we strip away to reveal
The hidden ostinato
That’s been an undertone throughout
With words in a way to appeal
To the few you’ll retain
And think of in the rain

It takes two to (chuckles) well you know
It takes two to do what we do (sighs)

It Takes Two, A Song