Hotel Rooftop, Tel Aviv

The city’s busy streets
Depleting this meaning
Full of hapless beaming
The energy of many
Theoretically betting
On the strength of this webbing
Binding the once blinded
To the extrasensual

The wind’s stirring
Like hair and leaves in the breeze
And the shifting boughs in the trees
Leaving me shaking at the knees

The water’s ebbing
Its waves in flow
From the undertow
All to prove its worth in show

But this fire burns brighter
From the darkness
It makes the world lighter
Releases the dark from all of this

From the earth, it all comes
Waiting for the day to bring us back
Our bodies and souls it beacons
To relieve us of what we lack

Hotel Rooftop, Tel Aviv

One Love (Tzfat)

This city’s electric rustic bustling
The minds of many opening as one
A child’s flute sings the song of the wind
Like a bird’s melodic attack of companionship

As the children’s haptic bentching
The minds of the individual, together have won
All the problems of the world, in this moment, have dimmed
The light, the wind, the shadows, even the stilled whip

From here and now, back to Adam
The one, the all, everything; HaOlam

One Love (Tzfat)