You’ve found your arms tied behind your back
In a way that you’ve always fantasized
Yet here you are in it questioning
If this is really what you envisioned
These thoughts wash away as his teeth find their way
To the veins running up your neck
The blood in flow bursting to show
In the form of an abuse to bestow
His dominance that’s frustrating you
In every way you want it to

So you bite your lip and break eye conact
Turn your head away in a way to tease
Betraying your inner contention outwardly
But at the last moment you lift your eyes
Just enough to confirm your consent
For what in the rest of this night lies

The curve of your hips and lips
Are all that can be made out in this light
Though he’s not using his eyes to find
All the places you never knew that you
Always wanted to be touched, kissed, loved
Left only to close your eyes and take it in with a shudder

His hand has found its way to cradle your face
Gently holding you to keep his gaze
Slowly drawing you in so near
Firmly pulling you by the ear
Until slowly your lips meet
A scene so intimate you don’t believe it
You’re floating in this you’re gloating
To this scene you’ve submitted
Yourself to the throes of that which will
Hold in his hands all the control
Over the night this domination

Though you didn’t know it he was slowly leading you
Through that threshold only ever read, seen or dreamed
Still locked at the lips and making your way
You hear the door from behind clasp its latch
Gravity itself spins on its side
Leaving you looking up into the eyes that brought you
To this very moment in time in space, his face
Lost in it you’re reeling in this carnal weakness

You’ve found your hands above your head bound
By the strength of this beast reveling in his feast
And yourself transformed as some lycanthrope
Letting yourself loose to be finally free
Into his eyes you drink this in with a wry grin
He matches your smile and gaze through the musty haze
As though he knows exactly just what’s in your head
As if he could predict where your purpose lies

In a moment like blinding lightning
You throw all your effort up with a twist
To turn the power tipping the scales in your favor
Now it’s you looking down from the mount
You’ve got his hands shackled overhead
For a moment his body lurches in resistance
Your hair in streams flowing to his chest
You move in slowly to ravage and reep
Relishing in the rewards of ensnaring your prey
Now stuck to obey the will of your way

With this he releases a growl of a chuckle
Snarling your way as his body quakes
From under the pain of your fangs
Your newly found libidinous being
Fully formed in fruition under the full moon
Releasing this bestial lecherous ardor
In waves upon the sands of your newly found pawn
You’re wielding the strings pulling him to your heart’s content

Until you’ve pulled just a little too hard
At that which was the control bar in your hands
Now has crumbled to splinters though you wouldn’t know it
Yeah, you didn’t know it until you found yourself back underneath
Somewhere between animalistic rage and euphoric ecstasy
The wave has come in phase and full tide to crash over
With this, his palm has found its way back to your face
You’ve latched on, hand on wrist, bracing for this high tide
Somehow you’ve found his forearm between your teeth
Biting to pass this pleasure to pain, biding your time

It’s flowing over you into this disembodied state
To a place you never quite thought you’d be

What is this, a man that’s lying next you?
He is the man that brought you through
The threshold into womanhood


Last Summer

Why’d you have to go and fall
Last Summer, you were so great

It’s the summer, we’re happy
Im blinded by my own disbelief
This ugly haze beset upon my gaze
Soon to be cast to the side
But there’s a smile on my face
Ever to my heart’s content

Why’d you have to go and fall
Springin’ forward, past all this shit

The rocks stuck in your feet
They’re like these stones I’ve grown
So bold with a story to tell
A fever to catch the world on fire
Burn it down ’til theres nothing left
Leaving ashes for the brashest

Why’d you have to go and fall
Into this cold cold winter

This empty bed’s been mocking me
And I’m freezing, as in my nightmares
Cold, lonely and biting my tongue
Biding my time, forever patient
‘Til I’m bled dry from my mouth
You won’t find me limp, cold on the floor

Why’d you have to go and fall
Oh Autumn, we’ve reached rock bottom!

I can see the bags filled with lies under your eyes
This pyre you’ve tried to make of me
It couldn’t even warm your heart
Though I’d love for you to jump right in
But it takes oxygen to burn
And you haven’t come up yet…

Last Summer

Kiss Her Well

She arrived with a look in her eye
That said she was ready for the night
The jade draping leaving little to hide
And I’m dying to be by her side

Her hair done up in a bun for none
But her own hidden mission she’s spun
Unshunned, the hearts of all, she has won
Oh, and I’m dying to be her sun

In this so high am I flying
Trapped in your gaze it’s mesmerizing
The glide in your stride is hypnotizing
From my way you’ve got me swaying
For a way in I’m praying
You’ll not be waylaying
My inept attempt at conversating
I’ve been dying for this kind of connecting

The bell
It’s time to get out of this shell
The sell
To her all of this I will tell
The belle
Oh isn’t she swell
Her smell
Caught on my lapel
This hell
To which I’ll say farewell
The quell

The time for action
To gain her attraction
And heated reaction

The guiding voice to yell:
“The mademoiselle,
Kiss her well!”

Kiss Her Well