It Takes Two, A Song

Let the piano play its riffed hook
Then bring in the Bass to thump the backend
And let this be for a measure or two
Before the guitar wails its intro trying to mend
Us of the blues that afflicts and to our core has shook
Our spines that have bent and left to rend
From our hearts everything from even the smallest nook
Overextending this apprehension for a lady friend

(Verse Lyrics)
All these girls I sing about
You’d like to think I’ve had them
Just the way I wish I had
Because you wish you did
You use my words to
Keep you from you
And your own past regrets
Whisk them away, I say let’s
Write a new song
A better one
Where I’ve had what’s mine
With a sip of chilled wine
And you don’t need me
Or my words to get you by

Let the band fall and rise
To arpeggiate its way into your soul
In a way to ready you for what’s to come
The only part you’ll remember

(Chorus Lyrics)
If I could sing
Then I’d sing it to you
If I could speak
I’d SCREAM it out loud

If only I could
Oh well, what would it matter

It takes two to, you know
It takes two to do what we do

We’ll give you eight bars to relate
The former and latter of what you’ve heard
Just to manufacture this state
Of fluttering among the wind as a bird
Around the theme we circumnavigate
To give the hope of an ending preferred
To gain the mate we’ll revert and negate
What’s left unheard word for word

(Verse Lyrics)
I see you sittin’ there
And you’re all alone
Reveling in it with a smile
I’m left but to bemoan
It’s in your eyes like mine
That’s there’s more in this, to be sown
If the words would just leave
But they’ll stay to remain my own

(Pre-Chorus, Chorus)
So we return to the familiar
To deliver a somewhat linear
Bigger figure to leave you with a shiver
Yet filter what’s in the mirror
With a whisper to embitter the winter
And a trigger to the inferior

Then we strip away to reveal
The hidden ostinato
That’s been an undertone throughout
With words in a way to appeal
To the few you’ll retain
And think of in the rain

It takes two to (chuckles) well you know
It takes two to do what we do (sighs)

It Takes Two, A Song

The Blue Notebook

This fucking blue notebook
It has trapped
All that I should have said
It has entrapped
Me from all that I could have been
With its sickly binding
Bent like my spine
Spent like my wine

This notebook, it withholds so many words left unsaid
Within I’ve spewed forth my love
Put my lowest lows to bed
All these conversations, only ever written of

Oh no, it’s happening again
Waisting my time on this paper
Count me out, the lout
I’ve already proved, I’d just rape
Her of her right to a happy life
And my right to a beautiful wife
We’ve already proved, she’d just kill
My creativity in the most abrasively
Invasive mosaic of negativities

But I’ll go on in the real world
Time to close this tale of fantasy
Time to rebind this spine
This lonesome woeful spite
Of my love for you and me
Maybe when I wake up

I’ll cut these strings
Then I can be a real boy
Just like all of you
Talking through the day
Walking along my way
Not a care on display
With only these words to say:

I’m here to stay.

The Blue Notebook


Always all the right

In all the wrong places

And to too great an extent

It’s always the:

What we could be

What you could be

What I could be

She’s always exactly:

One half:

Everything I could possibly want

-Though I have NO idea what that is

One half:

Everything I don’t need

-Be it crazy or insecure or an attention seeker

I’m always exactly:

One half:

Hopelessly romantic

One half:

Fucking crazy

It’s always the smile. I’m a sucker for a girl in need that laughs at my jokes and has a beautiful smile. It’s always a smile so memorable that it haunts you long after it’s gone. Sometimes it’s the teeth, shown wide and proud. Sometimes it’s the guttural, from the heart, laugh that cannot be contained. Sometimes it’s the dimples and nose wrinkles. Sometimes it’s the accompanying eyes that pull me away in a way to say:

“It’s only me and you right now, in this gaze. And you, you alone, put this smile on my face, this joy in my heart.”


Basements and Benches

After all you’ve been through
With me helping you through it
We have that basement
If it’s just your brother and sister who know
Or if it’s the entire universe
We have the bench
Whether you’re sick and tired
Or if I’m injured and out of it
We have each other

But that’s not real, not one bit
Reality is that we can’t see a movie on Thanksgiving day
And that one cannot love another at such a young age
The reality, brutal yet true, is that I am crazy
Like the night in the basement
I was locked in, cut off from the world above

Fantasy is what I live for, not reality
Like on Halloween – you a ballerina, me a ‘soul man’
Or after your show, me ‘with’ you at the party
Outside the studio, you crying in my arms
The others just watching and wondering
But I came for support, I was your relief

Reality is: you will always like ‘that’ guy
And I will always love you

Basements and Benches