The Compliment

The compliment you gave me tonight
I had to act as though I didn’t already know it
Because I communicate better through touch
Than I ever could with these words
I could trace every line of your body
I could learn it all like the back of my hand
And still not have had enough of you
But what’s there to do but laugh it off


Back to the compliment
There was a response
Sitting at the edge of my tongue
If that’s what I can do with touch
You just let your imagination run wild
Just know that I know your body
Better than you imagine you could
Now I’ll just laugh my self to bed


With my head upon my pillow
I’ll dream of you up against the wall
Your arms held taut above your head
Don’t you dare think for a moment
That I didn’t feel your body tremble
From under the touch of my hand
Oh, you shuddered and not in fear my dear
And as you bite your lip, I laugh at this quip


We’ll have the jolly best time of this night
In a way to sway Buddy Holly’s innocence
Your heart’s “Goin’ faster than a rollercoaster”
And when it’s ___ and ready, Oh lady, I shall play
To think that I once said, in jest
That you could use me anytime you like
To sneak into my room for a bit of warmth
And you just laughed it off under your breath


Your unwarranted apology
For being “in one of those moods”
Oh but you were aggressive
In every way you should’ve
Shown me yours, don’t worry, I’d show you how
Oh, I’m seeping my way in
To sweep away the cobwebs from your brain
Left to laugh away the day


The Compliment

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