Kiss Her Well

She arrived with a look in her eye
That said she was ready for the night
The jade draping leaving little to hide
And I’m dying to be by her side

Her hair done up in a bun for none
But her own hidden mission she’s spun
Unshunned, the hearts of all, she has won
Oh, and I’m dying to be her sun

In this so high am I flying
Trapped in your gaze it’s mesmerizing
The glide in your stride is hypnotizing
From my way you’ve got me swaying
For a way in I’m praying
You’ll not be waylaying
My inept attempt at conversating
I’ve been dying for this kind of connecting

The bell
It’s time to get out of this shell
The sell
To her all of this I will tell
The belle
Oh isn’t she swell
Her smell
Caught on my lapel
This hell
To which I’ll say farewell
The quell

The time for action
To gain her attraction
And heated reaction

The guiding voice to yell:
“The mademoiselle,
Kiss her well!”

Kiss Her Well

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