Une Rhapsodie Pour La Nuit

On this cold dark night, my feet have found pavement
And I tread it wandering aimlessly
As a loose pebble turns underfoot
My eyes catch the sight of my truest friend
And the pebble becomes the dirt and rock of its face
Lo! There in the sky
If you look closely, you can see
Me and her, her light, my gait
Her soft dirt under my feet
As the Earth rises from behind her horizon
In that moment I am with her
And then it’s gone
And as I stare at her face
Lost among the dimensions: space and time
A thundering chaos boils within me
At first it’s in my belly, then rises to my chest
Next it’s in my lungs, until it finally leaves my mouth
My back arches, my nose points to my mistress in the sky
A chorus of tones escape me, held in frequency
A gutteral beautiful primal howl emerges
In the distance many variations join
The birds flee their perches; the animals fly to their shelters
I run. Like I never have before. All control evaporates
The pounding of other runners join with my own
The pack is in flight
And I travel this countryside as the moon waxes and wanes in its way
The pack devours and divides its spoils for the strength of the pack
My eye catches the moon’s face and a melody springs into action
My heart is uplifted as I dance into the sky joining the stars’ nightly pirouette
And I glow. Only one amongst the myriad flares, at peace
I see past the horizon, the veil that haunts us all, and can only smile
For I envision the seeds I’ve planted one day someday blooming
On that day we shall be of one shared pack
All of the sky shall be the playground of the pups
And my mistress, that glittering celestial satellite, will look down upon us and rejoice
I return to this night; A smile plays across my face

Une Rhapsodie Pour La Nuit

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