For You

I want you to suck up my soul
And spit it back out
Turn me on
Into just what I can be
Because I don’t know it
Not without you
You’ve lit this fire in my soul
Maybe it was my own kindling

I first noticed you
For catering to my diet
But then you had a boo
For a brief moment in my heart
Warred and raged a riot

I keep my laptop on
Just for you
In hopes that I’ll see you online
Because I can’t be there in person
Just to see your face
I’ll digitize it to keep it fresh
That moment it was right there next to mine
And your face is all red…
Or maybe it was the wine

I wish
To live in that moment
That time you enjoyed my ravishing embrace
I’d live in it for good
Oh, how I yearn

Am I just supposed to like every picture you post
And hope that I can worm my way into your mind
Now I have been ignoring this movie I’m watching
And it’s going to be jealous that you’ve got my attention

I think I’ll just ditch life today
Take this train to Montauk
Live in this dream and fade away

For You

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