Two Lies

I’ve lost two things that meant most to me
I’ve lost that which kept me smiling bright

Oh G-d, I’ve lost my back
Lost the bone that kept
Me up and so straight
All that’s in my head
All these things I feel
It’s too hard to belate

Oh Love, I’ve lost my mind
Lost the dream that kept
Me and mine alright
Keeping me afloat
Soaring lonely skies
Without a bit of fright

I’ve kept these lies from being mine
Broken what bolsters this rind
Keeping from me these truths
Accepting all that sooths

‘Cause these are the two lies
Of that which pries out our eyes
Infecting our blood with lye
Away from the truth, we shall all shy

These are the two lies
That have kept me breathing
These are the two lies
That have kept me dreaming

Two Lies

Here I Am, Here We Are

Here we are you and I
You’ve left me broken and lonely yet again
It’s like I’ll never learn
Left on the floor with all these
Thoughts of what I’ve been
Immature’s a word left for those
Whose swoon is best left ignored
Of your life and all you’ve done I’d have abhored
If not for how great it feels when its peaked
Because of all my interests, at the least, you have piqued

For your sake you fucking fake
I hope theres no heaven and hell
Cause we all know where you’ll dwell
Theres an empty abyss just for you

But I’m the one
Been taken for a fool
And you’re the one
Who thinks we’re ‘cool’
Yeah, I’m the one
Freezing in the pool
‘Cause you’re the one
Stuck in high school

Because here I am and you’re not
Ever gonna come back
I’ll see you ’round sometime
On some other guy’s arm
And you’ll be as you were
On the arm of some other guy

I’m trying to not be bitter and to be your friend
But there’s so much about you I don’t like
Your people eyes, your looks and your lies
The bruises there, between your thighs
All your plies, your sickly guise
I’m done, I’m cutting all our ties

Here I Am, Here We Are

What To Do

What’s there to do
With your father’s possible suicide
And all you can think about
Is the worst night of your life
And that you haven’t dealt at all
With the regrets you’ve kept inside

You’ve given up on yourself
Over this one big mistake
Oh it was so long ago
Why can’t you just let this go

Coming awake to the cityscape
From behind the wheel, your mouth agape
The memories that precede, left to escape
Sobs bundled in tears barely taking shape

It all comes falling down
It comes tumbling to the ground
Then you can’t pick up the pieces
Juggling it ’til life ceases

But you can take solace in this
Your dad’s still got his best friend
The drugs he’s kept so near and dear
Just to drive away the fear
And he still has his girls
Bent to his will at the drop of a bill

Then there’s the girl
You’d always kiss her in the middle of her sentences
With so much effort you peppered her with sweetnesses
Afraid that her next words would lead her astray
From your path you always knew she wouldn’t stay
And then she was gone

You’ve given up your best friend
To this modern modesty
You’ve lost your spine
That which kept you an honest you

What’s there to do
When all that’s left of the best
Are these rogue strands of hair
Pirating from the high seas of the past
Entangling this in knots
Keeping the treasure locked inside
Where you can still smell
The sweat laced nights
Fighting beneath the sheets we’d swell
Forever marked by her playful bites
Oh what is this hell?!

What To Do

Dear Girl,

I’m sorry you lied
I’m sorry I tried
I’m sorry I ever cried

I’m sorry I was willing to bear
All that you did
Just to show that I cared

I’m sorry I was so nice
And easily used
Like the itchy lice
Leaving me bemused

I’m sorry you got me high
And left me to dry
Leaving only a taste
When we could’ve had it all

I’m sorry you could so easily
Belate your feelings for me
Til when you feel the need
“Let’s do something for me.”

Dear Girl,
This is my letter to you
I’m trying to end this rut
To mend this feeling in my gut
And to belate
All these feelings of hate

So, Goodbye…
With feet to the plain
And lead to the brain,

Dear Girl,


With the netted black holes
Painted round your eyes
Dyed to the night sky
I’m in love, why oh why

Before you lose this hint of salvation
Go back to the Gulf sea
Where you started your education
Or you’ll really find the wolf in me

But just that, you already have
In the night after far too much to drink
What you took wasn’t yours to give
But you did with a smile and a wink

What have you done with it
You’re screaming “kalima” where is my heart
Chewed it up lubed with spit
Next up: you’ll spoil my art

But I’ll draw from this
Like the drops of blood
You drew from my lips with a kiss
To pour forth in this flood

Let this river run crimson
Driven by this reason I’ve risen
Against the prison in this mission
What is this liquid wisdom
Oh I’ve got a vision

Of me bleeding these words from my veins
Feeding off the energy of your chains
Pleading to someway retake the reins
Needing to one day find what remains

What’s this you’ve become, some demon
But I’ll rid myself of you
Suck from the wound your venom
So I can in time find someone new

What was it, the last thing you said
“Fucking stupid fuck angry little shit”
Guess I got in deep and you couldn’t handle it
You sassy bitch, don’t make me laugh!


It Takes Two, A Song

Let the piano play its riffed hook
Then bring in the Bass to thump the backend
And let this be for a measure or two
Before the guitar wails its intro trying to mend
Us of the blues that afflicts and to our core has shook
Our spines that have bent and left to rend
From our hearts everything from even the smallest nook
Overextending this apprehension for a lady friend

(Verse Lyrics)
All these girls I sing about
You’d like to think I’ve had them
Just the way I wish I had
Because you wish you did
You use my words to
Keep you from you
And your own past regrets
Whisk them away, I say let’s
Write a new song
A better one
Where I’ve had what’s mine
With a sip of chilled wine
And you don’t need me
Or my words to get you by

Let the band fall and rise
To arpeggiate its way into your soul
In a way to ready you for what’s to come
The only part you’ll remember

(Chorus Lyrics)
If I could sing
Then I’d sing it to you
If I could speak
I’d SCREAM it out loud

If only I could
Oh well, what would it matter

It takes two to, you know
It takes two to do what we do

We’ll give you eight bars to relate
The former and latter of what you’ve heard
Just to manufacture this state
Of fluttering among the wind as a bird
Around the theme we circumnavigate
To give the hope of an ending preferred
To gain the mate we’ll revert and negate
What’s left unheard word for word

(Verse Lyrics)
I see you sittin’ there
And you’re all alone
Reveling in it with a smile
I’m left but to bemoan
It’s in your eyes like mine
That’s there’s more in this, to be sown
If the words would just leave
But they’ll stay to remain my own

(Pre-Chorus, Chorus)
So we return to the familiar
To deliver a somewhat linear
Bigger figure to leave you with a shiver
Yet filter what’s in the mirror
With a whisper to embitter the winter
And a trigger to the inferior

Then we strip away to reveal
The hidden ostinato
That’s been an undertone throughout
With words in a way to appeal
To the few you’ll retain
And think of in the rain

It takes two to (chuckles) well you know
It takes two to do what we do (sighs)

It Takes Two, A Song

Coming Undone

I walk into a room and can’t stand
The words hanging in the air
This plethora of hapless pontification
It’s tearing at my core, I can’t do it
How will I ever get through this

The nuances of social dynamics
I can see too far into their mechanics
Leaving me enigmatically frantic
Charismatically automatic
Leaving in the havoc of my manic antics
The ashes of fanatic acts volcanic

Well, I’m coming undone
This hapless spiral
It’s ripping me to bits
Oh what have I done
Is it simply a need to be needed
Is that all I want: Some attention
Or do I just want someone else
Someone to feel about me
The way I already do
Someone to fuel my
Self aggrandizing pride
I need one to level me
The one that’ll call me out
I’m always floating so high
In the fantasies of my mind
I need that which will
Bring these fantasies to life
I’ll destroy these fallacies
As the Amalekites
I’ll remember and never forget

So here I am unthreading
Do I settle, lower my standards for everything
Stuck where I am in life, this appointment
Or do I keep on fighting this continual disappointment

What’s there to do with the shattered fragments
All that once filled this absence
The remains of these extreme expectations
The cause of these nearly healed abrasions

But what once was cut will heal
Once the blood will congeal
The scab will then peel
Maybe then I can feel real

Coming Undone

The Notebook, Blue…

The notebook blue
These words aren’t for you
It’s spine torn and bent
Every last chance I’ve spent
And sold second hand

So, here’s to you
And hoping you’re not blue
I could try to write the words
To make you soar with the birds
Put a smile on your face, tap your foot with the band

Welcome, to my mind
Time to follow all the lines I can find
And put to paper all that I’ve never said
With your help, maybe we can put this all to bed
Scribble it all out to make it through this

All the errs and fixes I’ve tried to find
Just to maybe set it straight, my mind
From what my right hand has forgotten
To all that has spoiled rotten
Of all this we shall speak, we will get through this

The Notebook, Blue…