Kiss Her Well

She arrived with a look in her eye
That said she was ready for the night
The jade draping leaving little to hide
And I’m dying to be by her side

Her hair done up in a bun for none
But her own hidden mission she’s spun
Unshunned, the hearts of all, she has won
Oh, and I’m dying to be her sun

In this so high am I flying
Trapped in your gaze it’s mesmerizing
The glide in your stride is hypnotizing
From my way you’ve got me swaying
For a way in I’m praying
You’ll not be waylaying
My inept attempt at conversating
I’ve been dying for this kind of connecting

The bell
It’s time to get out of this shell
The sell
To her all of this I will tell
The belle
Oh isn’t she swell
Her smell
Caught on my lapel
This hell
To which I’ll say farewell
The quell

The time for action
To gain her attraction
And heated reaction

The guiding voice to yell:
“The mademoiselle,
Kiss her well!”

Kiss Her Well


Always all the right

In all the wrong places

And to too great an extent

It’s always the:

What we could be

What you could be

What I could be

She’s always exactly:

One half:

Everything I could possibly want

-Though I have NO idea what that is

One half:

Everything I don’t need

-Be it crazy or insecure or an attention seeker

I’m always exactly:

One half:

Hopelessly romantic

One half:

Fucking crazy

It’s always the smile. I’m a sucker for a girl in need that laughs at my jokes and has a beautiful smile. It’s always a smile so memorable that it haunts you long after it’s gone. Sometimes it’s the teeth, shown wide and proud. Sometimes it’s the guttural, from the heart, laugh that cannot be contained. Sometimes it’s the dimples and nose wrinkles. Sometimes it’s the accompanying eyes that pull me away in a way to say:

“It’s only me and you right now, in this gaze. And you, you alone, put this smile on my face, this joy in my heart.”


Always The Same

I need to rid myself of this
She’s always the same
Always in need of something I think I have to give
All this energy I’ve expended
Always for the sake of someone else

And this new one
She’s just a variation on the same old theme
It’s like some conspiracy
They’ve all banded together for this scheme
Like they feed from my despondency

I’m so tired of always being your rock
You’re beautiful and you just can’t see it
You could be so wonderful
If you’d just let yourself be it
This life you lead could be so blissful

So you just keep that smile on your face
And know that I’ll find mine someday
“You’re the only one who allows me to be me”
Was something you once said
I could be wrong but maybe that was me

Here I am playing the same role
In this neverending play
The protaganist, to become whole
For his love, he must slay
All around and within
As in the end, a tragedy
Or to break free of all that is him
To accept all that should be

Or would or could, these are just words
So just laugh it off, this happy ending
Because one day you’ll see the smiles on their faces
All the props and pawns in their places
In a portrait of where we all could be
Like the end of some old comedy

Always The Same


Your head on my shoulder
My head on yours
Our hands so close
I can feel the heat
The thought that you just might
Feel this comfortable with me…

It’s probably just the fire
You’re spitting out
It’s this liquid courage
From behind pearly whites
You feign niceties
To keep your part in this play

But I’d like to be your friend
I’d like to mend this bridge by the end
So let’s fan the flames
Let’s bask in this heat
Show them all what a summer’s really like
We could put the Sun and the stars to shame

Your head on my shoulder
My head on yours
It’s the most ancient puzzle
Interlocking like the wheel and fire
Oh old Prometheus
What is this you’ve brought me?
Is this gold or a fool’s errand?

Am I to trip stumble and fall
As I have some many times before
Or am I to subjugate this all
To prove to you what this is all for
This reason to get up in the morning
The smiles produced without warning

It’s the energy in the air
Between our lips, this isn’t fair
When time slows to a halt
For all to witness this enigmatic assault
They’ll all be left in want
Of what we don’t need to flaunt

Your head on my shoulder
My head on your head
All else fades when I hold her
Two hearts, a single thread
To be tied, knotted through
These are the thoughts when I think of you


Hear, O Flower!

Because today is your birthday
And I missed the important one
All those years ago

As it turned out, I’d have no other way
You the liar, me the tactician
It’s all turned to woe

But I lied to myself too
You were no great listener
Otherwise you would have known
That you really were my flower

What’s there left to do
When there’s no roof, no fiddler
These are the seeds I’ve sown
Here’s to hoping she has all the happiness they’ll allow her

Hear, O flower, the love I once held
It was true and pure, strong and whole
Blessed is the one who can have it in the moment
Then keep it burning for an eternity

But even fire leaves ash to be felled
And that’s no way to fill a heart’s hole
Well, it’s not quite time for this atonement
So I’ll stick with my abnormativity

So for you: Happy birthday!
And for all to come…

Hear, O Flower!

Basements and Benches

After all you’ve been through
With me helping you through it
We have that basement
If it’s just your brother and sister who know
Or if it’s the entire universe
We have the bench
Whether you’re sick and tired
Or if I’m injured and out of it
We have each other

But that’s not real, not one bit
Reality is that we can’t see a movie on Thanksgiving day
And that one cannot love another at such a young age
The reality, brutal yet true, is that I am crazy
Like the night in the basement
I was locked in, cut off from the world above

Fantasy is what I live for, not reality
Like on Halloween – you a ballerina, me a ‘soul man’
Or after your show, me ‘with’ you at the party
Outside the studio, you crying in my arms
The others just watching and wondering
But I came for support, I was your relief

Reality is: you will always like ‘that’ guy
And I will always love you

Basements and Benches