Your head on my shoulder
My head on yours
Our hands so close
I can feel the heat
The thought that you just might
Feel this comfortable with me…

It’s probably just the fire
You’re spitting out
It’s this liquid courage
From behind pearly whites
You feign niceties
To keep your part in this play

But I’d like to be your friend
I’d like to mend this bridge by the end
So let’s fan the flames
Let’s bask in this heat
Show them all what a summer’s really like
We could put the Sun and the stars to shame

Your head on my shoulder
My head on yours
It’s the most ancient puzzle
Interlocking like the wheel and fire
Oh old Prometheus
What is this you’ve brought me?
Is this gold or a fool’s errand?

Am I to trip stumble and fall
As I have some many times before
Or am I to subjugate this all
To prove to you what this is all for
This reason to get up in the morning
The smiles produced without warning

It’s the energy in the air
Between our lips, this isn’t fair
When time slows to a halt
For all to witness this enigmatic assault
They’ll all be left in want
Of what we don’t need to flaunt

Your head on my shoulder
My head on your head
All else fades when I hold her
Two hearts, a single thread
To be tied, knotted through
These are the thoughts when I think of you


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