Always The Same

I need to rid myself of this
She’s always the same
Always in need of something I think I have to give
All this energy I’ve expended
Always for the sake of someone else

And this new one
She’s just a variation on the same old theme
It’s like some conspiracy
They’ve all banded together for this scheme
Like they feed from my despondency

I’m so tired of always being your rock
You’re beautiful and you just can’t see it
You could be so wonderful
If you’d just let yourself be it
This life you lead could be so blissful

So you just keep that smile on your face
And know that I’ll find mine someday
“You’re the only one who allows me to be me”
Was something you once said
I could be wrong but maybe that was me

Here I am playing the same role
In this neverending play
The protaganist, to become whole
For his love, he must slay
All around and within
As in the end, a tragedy
Or to break free of all that is him
To accept all that should be

Or would or could, these are just words
So just laugh it off, this happy ending
Because one day you’ll see the smiles on their faces
All the props and pawns in their places
In a portrait of where we all could be
Like the end of some old comedy

Always The Same

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