Dylan and Molly

She calls out to him in the car
Brakes slam and they’re parked outside
I peel back the blinds and I’m injected
Into another life of romantic strife
But I’ve seen this all already
Like a rerun of an old show
The details are foggy
But the plot’s all there

The players take their place on stage
The dialogue lies analogue to what is prologue
But like a wisp to whet the teeth in feast
She’ll sunder his soul for iniquities perceived
Inequitous to their lustful “us”

And he’ll obfuscate his feelings further
within to hide inside from himself all his fright
His insecurities insidious obscured by ignorant bliss
And with a defeated stroll he’s kept under control
and in line with the players’ march as they exit

The curtains fall, the blinds are shut
The engine starts and the tires peel them away

Another shadow among the trees of the forest

Dylan and Molly

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