Psuedo Political Bile

Fuck you!
I hold no respect
for the spineless
so willing to subjugate
the weak without cause
It’s one thing to hold power
and another altogether
to be a piece of shit
With children starving and dying
why are we building and “striving”
for another oil pipeline
We should’ve reached a whole integer
in the Kardashev Scale by now
but it wouldn’t pad the wallets of the 1%
or help their stranglehold on control
“Oh no! We can’t let the people be free.”

Okay Pharaoh,
We don’t need your White-Man Caliphate

Fuck you proletariat
And you bourgeoisie
Fuck this whole
We need this new
thought process progressive
to sweep away the two
this binary regressive

Fuck that!
I will be tempered in the fires of my own bellows
not in the woes from without
the soiled core of society
the spoiled throes of naivete
with walls I never needed or asked for
kept in line with the baseline whore
I will beckon the new age
even progressives couldn’t imagine
for they too are kept in line
I will destroy the empty labels of this world
The binary dichotomies of control

They try to paint their
mortal coils
as though they’re
more than just
expanded food-poop machine

“Be all you can be”
Yeah, be their prostitute
to feed their babies’ trust funds
Stop making me see through
your Black-Brown-Yellow glasses
and let me see my friends as friends
and my enemies as fellow human beings

Psuedo Political Bile

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